A few months after its App Store debut, developer ZeptoLab has released Cut the Rope 2 on Android. It’s a free download in the Google Play store and will be landing in the Amazon Appstore on March 30.

The non-existent price tag is notable, given that it shipped for $0.99 on iOS last year. That’s likely representative of the higher number of app purchases in the App Store, and it’ll be interesting to see whether the new Android version includes any microtransactions to compensate.

To cap off today’s Android release, ZeptoLab announced that the Cut the Rope franchise has passed 500 million cumulative downloads. The original has spawned a few sequels now, including Cut the Rope: Time Travel and Cut the Rope: Experiments, but it’s unclear how that figure is spread out between them.

If you’re yet to play Cut the Rope 2, it features new characters Toss, Boo and Blue alongside the hero Om Nom, 120 new puzzles, and improved visuals.

Cut the Rope 2 | Android