SwiftKey Note iPhone and iPadIf you’re heading to SXSW and plan to take notes from talks, SwiftKey Note has a new feature that could save you time. As we reported recently, the iOS app has its own smart keyboard that learns from the way you use language. Now a SXSW-themed language model has been added that will auto-complete words and phrases that are popular at the conference.

This may seem like a novelty, but it’s actually very interesting — imagine if SwiftKey added a langauge model for every conference, every area of interest and employment… We’re keen to see if the London-based company comes up with more.

The SXSW setting should be available in SwiftKey Note’s settings now, and works best if it’s the only language scheme you choose. Sadly, this is iOS-only — users of SwiftKey’s Android keyboards are out of luck.

SwiftKey Note [App Store]