Screen Shot 2014 02 20 at 11.37.49 220x163 Hops IM like email app hits the iPad, now with support for multiple accounts in one feedHop, the iOS app formerly known as Ping that turns your inbox into an IM-like feed with the mission of making email more manageable and fun, is rolling out a notable update today. It ushers in support for the iPad and a unified inbox feed for multiple email accounts.

The unified inbox should be a welcome addition – Hop tells us that it’s been the most commonly requested feature from users. Additionally, you can now send photos and documents directly to Dropbox, Evernote and Twitter; browse all shared images and documents with a thumbnail preview, and swipe-and-hold to archive, trash or mark messages for later. There are also new customization options for the interface. The update should be available right now.

Hop [iOS]