Whether you’re typing up minutes from your weekly team meeting, lectures, or transcribing an interview with a former Apple exec that now runs a company owned by Google, the process of finding the most relevant parts of a recording for transcription is usually a time-consuming drag.

Interviewy is a new free app designed for iOS devices aimed to ease this pain a little by quickly allowing you to highlight portions of the recording using TypeTags, essesentially markers for the most important parts that allow easy access later. To do so, you can either tap to drop a marker at the start of a section you want to return to, or hold the button down for the duration of the snippet that you want to note.

Then when it comes to transcribing it, all you need to do is quickly jump from one TypeTag to the next, eliminating the need to listen back to the whole recording or to cross-check it with notes to see roughly where you should be listening. Handily, it integrates with iCloud too, so there’s no need to worry about losing your recordings if you lose your device.

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Featured Image Credit – AFP/Getty Images