After releasing its own WordPress plugin and winning the MIPCube Lab startup competition, SublimeVideo creator Jilion is back to launch its SublimeVideo Horizon Framework, which lets you create completely customizable HTML5 video players, with the added ability to pull in and brand YouTube videos.

Jilion calls SublimeVideo the “world’s first cloud-based HTML5 video player,” which allows the service to support everything from Internet Explorer 6 (the service knows when to fallback to Flash) to iPads and Microsoft Surface tablets.

As far as what sort of customization is possible, Jilion explains that everything from colors, shapes and fonts to specific interactive features, modular elements and pop-up buttons can be customized. With today’s launch, the company has shared a few impressive-looking examples with us:

Now, Jilion is essentially offering two separate services: it has updated its existing freemium player with additional customization features (like custom logos), and it is releasing a more complex “SublimeVideo Tailor-made” program for agencies looking to provide completely customized players.

By integrating directly with YouTube, Jilion now seems to be in competition with services like Vidyard, although SublimeVideo is on its own in terms of HTML5. You can check out the new offerings via the link below.

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Image credit: Thinkstock