Here’s a hot bit of news for you. Starting today, Dropbox is rolling out a feature in conjunction with Facebook that will allow you to share your Dropbox files directly to Facebook Groups.

“To share with your Facebook group, click ‘Add File’ on the group’s page. Once you choose to link Facebook to your Dropbox account, you’ll be able to search through your Dropbox and select what you’d like to share. Docs, photos, and videos shared from Dropbox will show up on the group’s wall and can be viewed on a smartphone or tablet.”

It’s an interesting move from Facebook, but not completely unexpected. You might remember that the social networking site rolled out Facebook Groups for Schools in April, so this push into more business-oriented usage is understandable. It’s doubly-interesting after we saw Dropbox update to include sharing to Facebook earlier this month.

Screen Shot 2012 09 26 at 12.01.22 PM 520x375 Facebook Groups get more useful for business with Dropbox file sharing

If you’re not seeing the new feature yet, just be patient. Dropbox tells us that it’s starting to roll out today and should be available to all users “soon”. But the question remains — How comfortable are you sharing files and relying on Facebook for your business?

Image: Marwan Naamani / Getty Images