Online recipe network Foodily has launched an update to its iOS app today, letting users search for food ideas and filter by the ones their friends like.

We first wrote about Foodily in February 2011, and then again when it launched its nutritional analysis feature in May. Back in November, Foodily finally launched its free iPhone app, letting foodies share and recommend recipes on the go.

Now, when you search on Foodily you’ll be able to see suggestions from friends, search their saved favorites or see results from across the Web. So, the culinary delights your acquaintances Pin on Pinterest, Like on Facebook or Fave on Foodily, will all display within the search results.

So, if you’re searching for a wheat-free starter, you can view all recipes that you have saved, as well as reel in options from your friends.

With this latest release (v. 1.4.0), Foodily lets you organize your saved food favorites into menus and lists, for example a ‘Birthday Dinner’ or ‘Champagne Breakfast’ list. People can curate their own menus from their iPhone, and share them with friends.

Given that so many people do get recipe suggestions through social means – either through chatting with friends, or by searching the Web, it certainly makes sense from Foodily’s perspective to integrate more social features into its iOS app.

“People are getting most of their food ideas from the Web and more of these ideas are coming from social networks like Facebook and Pinterest,” says Andrea Cutright, Foodily CEO.

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Feature Image Credit: NickNguyen | Flickr