Facebook, which rolled out a whole host of changes that the company has been testing with a select few for a week, has increased the status update character limit to 5,000, from a previous 500, Inside Facebook reports.

Among other things, the entire newsfeed has changed, complete with a new update box on the right hand side that shows you what all of your friends are doing on Facebook, including leaving comments, uploading photos, and things that they’ve “liked”. Facebook has also pushed out the floating navigation bar we’ve heard so much about.

The change to 5,000 characters pulls Facebook further away from micro status updates that Twitter became famous for.

One other huge removal is the status box. When you are ready to update your status from the newsfeed page, you must click “update status”, and are no longer presented with the familiar status update box. Sites like Twitter use that status update box to prompt you to type something in. This is a huge departure in design and user experience for Facebook, and it will be interesting to watch if it slows people down from updating their status.

What do you think about Facebook’s latest updates? With F8 coming up, we’re assured that there are more changes to come.