One of the popular Twitter clients, Twitterrific for iOS got a shiny new update today. There are quite a few bug fixes and improvements, but version 4.1 comes with some interesting new features too.

The app has got an Advanced Settings page from where you can choose not to see mentions from strangers ie. people whom you don’t follow. You can also toggle Quick View to open links in Safari instead of their in-app browser. And if the timeline is already at the top, you can choose to keep it there.

Twitterrific now supports the camera in iPad 2 in addition to media uploads & URL shortening. Username auto completion and reporting spammers are new features worthy of mention too.

photo 6 Twitterrific for iOS Update Adds Blocking Features, Cloud Support

Timeline View

Twitterrific has been constantly updating both the iOS and Mac apps. Its Mac app with Multi Account/Multi Window support plus the features that the iOS app witnessed today is available for download fom the Mac App Store for $9.95

As usual there is a free version of the app available in the app store, but if you want to add multiple accounts or remove ads from your timeline, you will have to pay $4.99 as in-app purchase.

photo 5 Twitterrific for iOS Update Adds Blocking Features, Cloud Support

Advanced Settings