Apple has confirmed that it is suspending the over-the-phone Apple ID reset procedure with Wired after writer Mat Honan had his iCloud account hacked via some clever social engineering. A temporary suspension was rumored yesterday, but the confirmation came via an Apple representative today.

Spokesperson Natalie Kerris had this to say:

We’ve temporarily suspended the ability to reset AppleID passwords over the phone. We’re asking customers who need to reset their password to continue to use our online iForgot system (

Apple also says that when the phone resets of passwords resume, customers will have to provide “even stronger” identity verification in order to reset their password. This was mirrored by a Bloomberg report which says that Apple will strengthen its security procedures for phone resets.

Honan’s account is well worth a read, if only for the shock value of how easy it was to gain access to his account and how Amazon figured into the hack. Honan’s Gmail account was a part of the process as well, leading to our recommendation that you turn on two-factor authentication on any account you own. For more information on how to do that, read here.

Image Credit: Thomas Kramer