Apple has reported that its new iPhoto app for iOS has accounted for 1 million unique users in under 10 days since its release, reports Jim Dalrymple of The Loop. Apple reached out to Dalrymple to share the numbers, clarifying that the numbers represent different users, not downloads to multiple devices for the same user. Since the app runs some $4.99, that means the company has made around $5M from the app, for which it pays no cut to itself.

The new iPhoto for iOS was introduced by Apple during its iPad event earlier this month, and was then discovered to be using different map tiles than the standard Google Maps images that Apple uses across its other products. This indicates that Apple is preparing to eliminate its dependence on Google Maps by launching its own mapping product.

iPhoto for iOS is a quirky, but interesting experience on the iPad and should improve the photo editing options for iOS users by setting itself up as a template of innovation for other third-party photo apps. It does have some issues on the iPhone, however, where the cramped screen size and erratic UI make it a poor initial effort. Hopefully Apple will continue to refine iPhoto for iOS into the same kind of category defining experiences that GarageBand and iMove present on the iPad.

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