In the wake of Steve Jobs’ death last week, we have seen a multitude of essays and tributes published about the Apple co-founder. Now, Fortune Magazine and TIME Magazine are planning to release a special commemorative edition of their respective publications in honour of Jobs, according to a MacNN report.

Fortune’s book is titled “The Legacy of Steve Jobs” and TIME’s “Steve Jobs: The Genius Who Changed Our World”. Available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, the special issues will cost $19.95 each and be released on November 15 this year. The books will include past articles and profiles about Steve Jobs and Apple published by both magazines and will be a celebration of his life and achievements. They’ll also include new articles and never-before-seen photographs of the late Apple co-founder.

Admirers and fans of Steve Jobs can also look forward to his authorised biography, penned by Walter Isaacson, and currently available for pre-order on Amazon. Originally slated to be released on November 21, the book’s release date was brought forward to October 24 after pre-orders jumped by 41,800% after the passing of the Apple chief. It may also soon be released in the form of a movie by Sony Pictures, with the studio having acquired the rights to do so for a hefty sum.