Apple has today released two new EFI firmware updates for Macbook Pro and Mac mini models, fixing some Lion issues and prepping the devices for the new $999 Apple Thunderbolt Display. Notable is the fact that the Macbook Pro update appears to add the Lion Internet Recovery feature that it had previously lacked.

The Macbook Pro EFI Firmware Update 2.2 fixes Thunderbolt Display compatibility problems with early 2011 models and enables Lion Recovery over an internet connection. The Lion Internet Recovery feature was previously limited to only the new Macbook Air and Mac mini models. It allows a user to boot from the Mac’s recovery partition and reinstall Lion by downloading it over the internet in the case of a catastrophic problem.

The Mac Mini EFI Firmware Update 1.3 for mid-2011 Mac mini models improves the stability of Lion Internet Recovery and also fixes problems with Apple’s new Thunderbolt Display and boosts performance in the Thunderbolt Target Disk Mode.

You can download the update for the Mac mini here and the Macbook Pro here or simply visit the Software Update utility on your Mac to apply it. Apple released an update for mid-2011 Macbook Air models last week, which also addressed Thunderbolt Display issues.