According to a 9to5Mac, the Vice President of Global Security at Apple, John Theriault, has left the company.

This comes amidst ongoing criticism after the lost prototype of the iPhone 4S. Having worked for the FBI and at Pfizer as the Chief Security Officer, Theriault joined Apple in 2007. He reported directly to General Counsel Bruce Sewell, according to a organizational chart published by Fortune.

It’s not known if Theriault was forced out, or chose to leave on his own. During his tenure, there were two lost iPhone prototypes, both involving a bar. The previous lost stolen iPhone was purchased by Gizmodo.

Perhaps the shakeups at Apple are inevitable, as Tim Cook is now the full-time CEO. Other notable Apple employees who have left recently are Senior Vice President of Retail Ron Johnson, Senior Vice President of Mac OS X Bertrand Serlet, Vice President of iAds Andy Miller, and lead designer Sarah Brody.

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