Whether you’re informed, clueless, or simply amused, here are the must reads about this year’s US election

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In case you’ve been living under a rock and are unfamiliar with our “What TNW is reading” series, the entire company resolved to read more in 2016.

To help make this resolution stick, we release weekly posts featuring TNW’s favorite reads.

And like all resolutions, sometimes they fail, sometimes they change focus. Ours morphed from a collection of buzzword descriptions into a deeper look at the content and the reader.

Last week we took you to the Netherlands – not only the headquarters for TNW, but also the land of cheese-loving, tulip-peddling people.

This week, we’re highlighting multiple, quick reads on a completely different theme.

American expat and our very own Commissioning Editor, Lauren Gilmore, has been stalking social media since moving to Holland a year and a half ago. And with 2016 being one of the most important elections in American history, she’s turned said stalking into her only hobby – learning everything she can about the election, the nominees, and, most important to her, spreading the word on NOT electing Trump.

Without further ado, here’s her list of must-read/watch articles about this year’s election:

10 of the scariest things Trump has ever said

The Independent compiled some of the craziest and downright creepiest quotes of the Republican nominee. Want the urge to throw something, kick a dog, or vomit in your mouth? Just watch the video…

Top reason Americans will vote for Trump: ‘To stop Clinton’ – poll

So why is Trump so damn popular? Why would anyone in the right mind vote for him? This article by Reuters polled voters about their primary motivation to support of either Trump or Clinton.

It’s not all Trump-bashing.

Lauren was raised in a very conservative, close-knit family. And as she grew up in Arkansas, she’s no fan of Hillary. And don’t assume she’d vote for Clinton merely because she has a vagina.

I think we’re a little distracted, what’s been going on with Hillary Clinton’s FBI investigation lately?

This subreddit is compiling every article or mention of Clinton’s FBI investigation. Because as all the memes on Facebook say, how can you run for president while being investigated by the FBI?

Superdelegates Were Literally Created to Prevent a Candidate Like Bernie Sanders

We’ve all heard the word, but what the fuck does ‘superdelegate’ even mean? Call Lauren a bit biased – she still ‘Feels the Bern’ – but regardless the one-sided title, this article by AntiMedia is actually very informative for those of us that have no idea what this term means.

So there you have it. Superdelegates, Hillary’s FBI investigation, and most of Trump’s craziness.

While most people wouldn’t blame you if you threw your hands in the air and gave up on politics, but thanks to social media and the internet, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be informed.

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