Facebook’s first intern, Periscope and Vine’s founders, a huge YouTube star: The connection?

Facebook’s first intern, Periscope and Vine’s founders, a huge YouTube star: The connection?

Just when you thought the line-up for  TNW Europe in May couldn’t get any sweeter, amazing new names continue to roll in.

That’s right – we’ve just recently confirmed Kayvon Beykpour, co-founder and CEO of Periscope, making our list of social media influencers that much more incredible.

In addition we have Facebook’s Director of Product Design, a founder of Vine, and YouTube’s biggest celebrity speaking at TNW Conference 2016. If your business takes social seriously – if it takes building an audience seriously – you simply can’t afford to miss these pack leaders:

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When Julie joined Facebook in 2006, she was the company’s first ever intern. Today, she leads the team responsible for designing Facebook for mobile and desktop, developing its social sharing tools, and overseeing News Feed: Facebook’s core feature.
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At a time when tech news is fascinated by an era of app fatigue, Periscope’s breakout success took everyone by surprise. Within a week of launching, the app captured 1 million users. By month 4, they’d hit 10 million. Beykpour says he’s on a mission to build empathy and truth, but he’ll tell you more in May.

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Casey is probably the most badass viral video-maker in the history of YouTube. Over the course of 30 million views, he’s managed to build a loyal and dedicated audience by telling stories in a way that is unique to him. He’s set to show you how.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 16.40.57
Before Vine had even been launched, Twitter had snapped up the six-second video sharing platform for a vast sum. Since then, the application has transformed the social media landscape for good, breeding a whole culture of candid looped clips and forcing the likes of Instagram to scramble to market with their own short video sharing option.


➤  See the above four alongside countless other legendary speakers at TNW Conference in May.

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