Push.co: A new smart, social take on push notifications

Push.co: A new smart, social take on push notifications

The clever folk at TNW Labs think a lot about how to help you receive new information fast, and share it fast too. That thinking has resulted in a new app that we’re launching today, Push.co.

This new iOS app offers a way to receive news and other notifications via push notifications, browse them all within one app, and quickly share the ones you find interesting via Twitter or Facebook.

We’ve found that many people don’t want to install a lot of apps for content they consume on the Web, but they still want to receive push notifications on their mobile device when something new is published.


At launch, you can subscribe to feeds for news outlets like The Next Web, the BBC, TechCrunch, The Verge and Wired. Sure, some of what Push.co offers can be achieved with Twitter’s mobile notifications, but this is so much broader than breaking news, and with far more possibilities.


Create your own Push.co apps

Anyone can create their own ‘app’ for others to subscribe to, right from the Push.co website. Say you want to offer a company news feed, people can get that pushed to their phone for free. You could create a private feed that alerts you with a push notification every time you sell an item in your online shop or sell a ticket for an event that you’re organising. If you’re a sales manager who wants to make sure your team members get updates on their targets wherever they are without the excuse of “I missed the email because my inbox is so busy,” Push.co is the answer.

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 14.01.04

If you subscribe to The Next Web on Push.co, you’ll see that you can subscribe by category, instead of just one big feed of everything we put out. If you’re a WordPress.org user who wants to implement Push.co on your blog, you can get this functionality too, via a plugin that you can contact [email protected] to try out.

So, that’s Push.co from TNW Labs. It’s iOS-only for now, but Android and Firefox OS versions are due in early 2014. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

➤ Push.co [iOS App Store]

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