SEO got you stumped? Our newest TNW Academy Guide answers your questions

SEO got you stumped? Our newest TNW Academy Guide answers your questions

SEO. It’s one of those terms that gives just about every new site or startup a chill down the spine. But maybe SEO isn’t as hard as everyone makes it out to be. Maybe the finer points of search engine optimization could be broken down into a guide, easily digestible and readily available at your fingertips.

Today we’re proud to introduce our newest guide on TNW Academy, How to do Search Engine Optimization, by Kory Alden. Alden is the founder of LA-based Nivo Media Group, a company specializing in SEO, relationship management and Web design. In the course of two weeks, you’ll learn actionable measures that you can implement on the spot to make positive changes to your site’s SEO:

  • Determine competition and keywords
  • Build a keyword database
  • Create a search-friendly website
  • Learn about backlinks and how to get them

Right now, as we introduce this new guide, the pricing has been dropped to $49 from its original mark of $67. So go, find out more and make sure to check out the preview. Properly-done SEO could be the single biggest driver of traffic to your site, so it’s vitally important  that you get it right the first time. TNW Academy is here to help, so here’s a taste of the information that you’ll find inside:


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