Announcing our new monthly iPad publication: TNW Magazine!

Announcing our new monthly iPad publication: TNW Magazine!

After months of work, today we’re delighted to announce a new addition to the The Next Web publishing house, a monthly iPad magazine cleverly titled TNW Magazine.

Available in the app store now, the app is currently on offer at a bargain $9.99 for the year with the first issue for free. Quarterly and per issue pricing is also on the way but needless to say, grab it at this price while you can.

An iPad Magazine is something we’ve considered and explored for quite some time, but it took a TNW Co-founder and now the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten to grab the project by the scruff of the neck and make it happen. Built with essentially a three person team, a number of writers providing exclusive content and software from Mag+, we’re immensely proud of the result. That said, it’s early days and whilst this is still an experiment we believe there’s massive potential. In his opening letter, which you’ve find in the first issue of the magazine, Boris sums up our thoughts perfectly:

“The amount of tablet owners is still small. But so were people with a browser in 1996. The tools are still buggy and basic. Just like browsers in 1995. But to me it is clear that this is just the start of a new revolution, one that I want to take part in. I hope you will enjoy experiencing that revolution together with us.”

Unlike our standard iPad App which is a real time duplicate of our blog, TNW Magazine’s primary focus is on long-form feature pieces, assembled by our very own Features Editor Courtney Boyd Myers and a select team of feature writers, available completely offline and exclusive to the iPad. It includes less news but does include short snippets of major stories, videos and reviews you may have missed on the blog over the previous month. What’s more, with the iPad offering plenty of interactivity, we’ve ensured the magazine not only looks gorgeous but provides the immersive experience you’ve come to expect.

Our dream? To hear about you, our readers and supporters, sat in your favorite coffee shop, drinking your favorite coffee, reclining on your favorite chair, whiling away the afternoon reading stories from our magazine that make you smile and think and keep you inspired and entertained… oh and that look great too. :)

As mentioned above, the app was built using Mag+, a wonderfully flexible and efficient platform for publishing creative content on touch screen tablets. The Next Web proudly joins award-winners Popular Science+, American Photo+ and many others in building using the software.

Download the magazine here, first issue is always free, hope you enjoy it.

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