The First of Many Upcoming Changes at The Next Web

The First of Many Upcoming Changes at The Next Web

This is the first in a series of upcoming announcements you’ll read here on TNW’s Voice Channel (where we announce things!) as we reveal some significant developments in the growth of our company.

This particular announcement is to reveal some important role changes within the blog, specifically…promotions!

Meet Our Managing Editors!

Firstly, I’d like to officially introduce you to The Next Web’s two new Managing Editors: Martin Bryant and Brad McCarty!

Both Martin and Brad have been with us for quite some time and have proven themselves to be tremendously reliable with a deep understanding of the way we do things, a concrete knowledge of what we write about (and what we don’t), and above all: they have a passion for technology, media, breaking news, quality content and The Next Web.

This news comes as no real surprise to our internal team as both have been helping enormously to manage the team and content in their respective time zones for some time; but, it is important that it is officially acknowledged.

Martin will be Managing Editor for European hours and Brad during U.S. hours.

News Editors!

There are two people who, aside from being with us for sometime, have also proven themselves to be experts in digging and fishing out news: Matt Brian and Matthew Panzarino.

Both Matt and Matthew have primarily focused on Gadgets & Apple news but from January, both will take a step back from the gadgets side of things and focus on growing our popular Apple Channel and will take the entirely new role of overall News Editors for their respective time zones.

Both Matt and Matthew will work closely alongside Martin and Brad.

Our New Features Editor!

While news will continue to play an enormous part of TNW’s future; as we’ve grown, timeless pieces such as features, op-ed’s and how-to’s have been absolutely fundamental to our growth.

The time has come to have someone ultimately responsible for the sourcing, managing, growing and development of our non-news, longer form content and that person is our new Features Editor Courtney Boyd Myers!

Courtney has a priceless passion and dedication to writing longer form content and a talent for finding people with remarkable writing and in-depth knowledge about particular subjects. If you have a passion for a particular subject and would like to contribute to TNW (we’re particularly looking for people with an interest in Social Media, Entrepreneurialism, Design and Development) please complete this rather dull but important application.

All for now! More to come. :)

Please take a moment to congratulate the guys on this new chapter of their careers and TNW’s growth.

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