The Bloggable stickers are here! Get your stickers now!

The Bloggable stickers are here! Get your stickers now!

Over the past few days I have kept our TNW Sticker team busy with first printing 500+ envelopes, then counting 500+ sets of 5 stickers, then folding the accompanying letter and adding it to the envelope and then adding postage to the envelope.

I’m talking about our magical “Bloggable” sticker that I’ve written about before. Check that post for some pretty amazing photos of people wearing those stickers.

My plan was that they also lick the backs of 500+ envelopes but the glue didn’t work so they ended up taping them shut, 500+ times.

As you can imagine this took a lot of time and patience and as you can see my underpaid and slightly demotivated sticker team is, well, tired now.

IMG_0695The good news is that we started sending out stickers this weekend and the first happy readers have received their envelopes.

And there is more good news. We now have a nice stack of stickers fresh from the printers and are willing to send anyone in the world their own set of 5 stickers too.

Just add your name and details to the form below and my team will make sure you get your set as soon as possible.

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