This jacket allows you to play with your pets in VR

This jacket allows you to play with your pets in VR
Credit: Triangular Pixels

A studio in Cornwall has come up with a way for you to play with your real kitty while you’re wearing a VR headset. How has no one thought to do this before?

The tracker jacket is the brainchild of Triangular Pixels, an indie VR game studio, and can be used for either cats or dogs (or small children, as a parenthetical note suggests). It comes equipped with a Vive Tracker, the device which turns pretty much any object into a VR controller (but which is by-and-large used on guns).

The tech has two aims, according to the studio:

The aim is to give players a warning of unpredictable pets/children when they enter the space, and the potential to of course – actually see their companion in games.

It’s working on an app which will insert your pet into whatever SteamVR game you play as an animated avatar. Besides pets, tech like this could help you mark objects around you while you’re in VR, so you won’t have clear a room of potential obstacles before you play.

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