This YouTube channel is nothing but a guy eating everything

This YouTube channel is nothing but a guy eating everything
Credit: YouTube

A series of YouTube videos showing a man eating food hit the internet today.

No that’s not a joke. It’s short clips of a man eating every kind of food you can imagine, and it’s the most harmlessly bizarre things I’ve seen on YouTube for a while.

Wanna see him eating mayonnaise? Chocolate pudding? A lemon? Done, done, and done.

The videos were originally uploaded to Ben Rosen’s YouTube channel, though he’s since made the Man Eating Food channel specifically for these videos. According to Rosen, the man in the video is named Eric, and he’s a teacher by day. Eric maintains eye contact with the camera while he eats, and usually gives a satisfied nod after he’s shoveled his treat into his mouth.

It’s all very innocent, but I still feel as though I’ve stumbled upon the world’s most wholesome camshow.

Rosen posted the first video to Reddit, and responded to requests from other users with appropriate videos. As yet, he’s not given an explanation for these videos — though I’m not sure I even want one.

Eric also eats (or tries to eat) a number of non-organic items, including a trash bag and paper towels. Apparently Rosen and his friend draw the line at Tide pods, though, and…other things.

Credit: Reddit

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