YouTube calls on the crowd to translate video titles

YouTube calls on the crowd to translate video titles
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Bilingual viewers can now help their favorite YouTube video stars by translating video titles and descriptions into other languages.

With this update, the platform aims to create a more inclusive global audience. With viewers who speak a total of 76 languages, it’s easy for content to be lost in translation. YouTube says:

This [update] means you’re only a few clicks away from having viewers translate your videos so more people around the world easily discover, understand, and ultimately fall in love with your content.

Creators have to activate Community Contributions to allow their audience to help with translations, which they can do through the settings menu on their channel.

YouTube is also having a Boot Camp from April 6-24, where content creators can learn how to use the translation tools.

The site opened subtitles to crowd translation back in 2015, so it’s odd that it’s taken this long to do the same for titles. Over 900,000 people have already contributed to subtitle translations, according to YouTube.

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