Apple made these beautiful videos to help you live better

With Apple’s Health app getting a big upgrade in iOS 10, the company is putting a lot of focus on helping its users live a healthier life.

When you open the updated app, you’ll be greeted by friendly-looking videos that explain the different key areas to you. They all look amazing: They are colorful and very fun to watch.

After pressing play, a soft-spoken British woman explains in simple language what you should do to live a healthier life. The videos feature simple animations that look like they’re pulled straight from a design book, and make for a great intro if you haven’t used your iPhone for health tracking yet.

The Health app used to be quite confusing for new users, but they’re now ready for a new barrage of users tracking their activity with the Apple Watch 2.

You can find the video for Nutrition above, and the videos for Sleep, Activity, Mindfulness and Connectedness below.

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