This is the only YouTube channel you need to follow

There’s a guy sitting in a forest. He never speaks.

The only thing he seemingly does all day is come up with amazing solutions to problems that don’t have a place in modern life. And for some inexplicable reason, it’s very hard to stop watching.

In the episode featured above, the nameless man is having a hard time with his small campfire. A few minutes and a lot of clay later, we’re looking at a powerful forge blower he just made… with his bare hands.


It’s hard to say why the videos are so mesmerizing. Maybe it’s the irony of watching someone doing hard work from the luxury of a retina MacBook screen?

Whatever the case, it’s extremely hard to stop watching his YouTube channel — the only reason I’m writing this article is because there are only 19 videos as of now.

But at least I got to learn how to survive the apocalypse… kind of.

Primitive Technology on YouTube

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