Watch young Jeff Bezos correctly predict the future 20 years ago

Whether you know him as the founder and CEO of Amazon or the man who offered to send Donald Trump on a vacation to space, Jeff Bezos has been a household name on the tech scene since the very beginning of the Web.

While these days you can mostly catch Bezos talk about the future of Alexa and space travel tourism, there were times when Amazon was only selling books and Bezos still had hair.

In this interview taped in June 1997, you can watch a young Bezos open up about his decision to launch Amazon and discuss 90’s digital marketing strategies. The video also touches upon the future of the internet as well as how this “new technology” is going to change business and consumer dynamics.

jeff bezos interview 1997 1

While some of the statements Bezos makes in the interview might appear rather obvious nowadays, the lengedary entrepreneur was without a doubt ahead of his time and Amazon’s incredible success today makes this even more evident.

via Hacker News

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