Soon, you’ll be able to use the Sphero robotic ball as a game controller [Video]

Soon, you’ll be able to use the Sphero robotic ball as a game controller [Video]

There is really little we like more than robotics and mobile phones working together in harmony. That’s why the Sphero robotic ball from Orbotix is such a fascinating device for us.

The device is a smooth white ball that takes commands wirelessly from an iPhone, iPad or Android device. You can roll it around using the accelerometers or touch-screen of your device, play team games and more. It’s a really slick device and we loved it when we reviewed it here on TNW.

The Sphero is finally catching back up to demand after being slammed with orders and some production delays, and we were able to chat a bit with them at CES. One of the coolest things that they have coming down the pipe at the moment is the ability to use the Sphero as a game controller.

Check out this demo and tell me you don’t want to see this come to your favorite game:

Sphero said that the ability to work the ball in as a control device is open to developers via the company’s API’s as well, which is cool. They didn’t have an exact date as to when the games were coming, just soon.

You can snag one of the very cool Spheros on the company’s site here.

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