Three words to describe the Web 2.0 Summit

Three words to describe the Web 2.0 Summit

Our coverage of the Web 2.0 Summit continues, and as soon as clips clear our editing suite we are bringing them to you. The quality of the 1,000 or so attendees at the event was unparalleled, and the panels and talks were little short of electrifying. As you have seen from the headlines and extracts, it was a firecracker of a conference.

Due to that, we could hardly summarize the event ourselves in such a short space, so we decided to turn to the attendees and let them explain the experience in three of their own words. And only three. We also asked people what the highlight of the entire ordeal was in their opinion. Little did we expect Adobe’s culinary skills to take top prize.

Enjoy the clip, and thanks to everyone who took part.

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