DuoDater makes online-dating a group effort

DuoDater makes online-dating a group effort

Continuing our video date series, what better service to pair up with than online-dating service DuoDater. Online-dating is nothing new but there has always been a certain stigma attributed to it, often times being awkward and/or creepy. DuoDater hopes to change that with an online-dating service that caters towards double dates, and only makes its website’s services accessible to pairs or groups rather than just the individual.

We went on a double-date with DuoDater’s own Andrew Flachner and Michael Parikh. Also accompanying me on my date was close, but shy friend Priscilla. Andrew and Michael treated us to a date where we met at Whole Foods to pick out pumpkins for us to carve and make delicious pumpkin-flavored cocktails back at their place. We discussed the advantages of online dating and how their service eschews from private conversations in favor of group, or Duo, conversations and how their service stands out from their competitors.

Based out of of Silicon Valley, they are a fairly new start-up that launched in August, with services expanding globally, particularly in Asian markets.

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