Watch out YC…There’s a new accelerator in town and they don’t take equity

Watch out YC…There’s a new accelerator in town and they don’t take equity">

There’s a growing number of startup accelerators around the world, from Y Combinator in Silicon Valley to TechStars in Boulder and SeedCamp based out of London- All helping entrepreneurs to accelerate their ideas from conception to commercial business in a shorter time frame than normal.

Most take a huge chunk of equity in return for a small amount of early stage seed funding, but SSE Labs, the new accelerator programe based out of AOL’s offices on Page Mill Road, Palo Alto works differently; SSE labs is built in compliance with Stanford Student Enterprise to help nurture the existing world class entrepreneurial nature of Standford students.

It’s is a non-profit organization providing students with mentorship, education, resources and office space . ‘But don’t I have to be a student a Stanford’ I hear you cry…don’t worry, only one of your founding team members has to be a student at the university to get onto the programe.

SSE Labs was co-founded by Stanford student Cameron Teitelman, In the video I talk to Cameron about what makes SSE Labs different to other startup programs and why they are focused fully on community .You can follow them on Twitter here.

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