Interactive experiences app Screach goes up against 52,000 football fans [Video]

Interactive experiences app Screach goes up against 52,000 football fans [Video]

We’ve been excited about ScreenReach ever since we discovered this UK startup last summer. Yesterday its app, Screach, got its first large-scale use at the Newcastle United vs Everton football match and they invited us along to see how it fared.

Screach allows developers to create interactive experiences for events, TV shows, movies or just about anything else. Users then key the relevant code into the Screach app on their phone and take part.

Probably the easiest example to imagine is a TV talent show. You could vote for the winner from the app, with the results being shown on screen in real time. Rewards are built in too, meaning a bar could run a quiz night using Screach and push a voucher for a prize straight to the winner’s phone. For a more in-depth explanation, see our post from last July when ScreenReach had just completed The Difference Engine accelerator scheme.

Premiership football team Newcastle United is using Screach to let fans vote for ‘Man of the Match’, an award usually decided by a sponsor rather than the public at large. Marketing was hard to miss before the match, with a promotions team running around helping people install the app and video screens, posters and even radio presenters talking it up.

With a 52,000 capacity at Newcastle’s St James’ Park stadium, how did Screach fare and what is ScreenReach doing next? Watch the video to find out…

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