Maker’s Row bags a $1m seed investment to help bring manufacturing back to the US

Maker’s Row bags a $1m seed investment to help bring manufacturing back to the US

Maker’s Row, the startup that wants to put US businesses back in touch with US manufacturers, has successfully nabbed a cool $1 million of seed funding.

The cash injection comes from a round led by Comcast Ventures and Index Ventures that included follow on funding from prominent angels such as Joanne Wilson and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

Matthew Burnett, CEO of Maker’s Row, said:

“From first-time entrepreneurs to big brands, everyone faces the same problem when it comes to finding a factory in the US. When your resources are limited, your options are limited and overall business suffers. Maker’s Row provides the means to which a good idea can become a great product here in the United States.”

The idea behind it is that as it becomes harder to guarantee set prices and delivery times when dealing with overseas manufacturers, instead US companies should be able to easily find domestic suppliers to work with, without all the faff.

Ultimately, the company hopes that by making the whole process easier it will be able to make a tangible contribution to industry and the country’s bottom line, through “a direct impact on job creation and the overall economy”, according to Tanya Menendez, COO of Maker’s Row.

While the company is kicking off its efforts with a focus on the clothing and accessories industries it has big plans to branch out into other industries through an expansion of its technology team. A $1 million investment should help nicely, then.

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