NYC Freelancers are ditching coffee for beer and pubs packing WiFi

NYC Freelancers are ditching coffee for beer and pubs packing WiFi

Freelancers are known for gathering day in and day out at coffee houses and cafés all around NYC, but as the number of freelancers continues to grow, a few select bars are leading tons of laptop-wielding designers and writers to grab a heavier drink than usual.

The trend has been developing for some while now and MetroFocus, a NY culture and lifestyle magazine, gathered together a list of pubs and bars that are welcoming long stays and providing free WiFi.

At TNW, some of us frequent a few coffee shops during the work week, but I can’t say I actually recommend the idea of drinking on the job. That said, MetroFocus wisely states:

The Freelancers Union in New York State has 100,000 members and there are undoubtedly tens (if not hundreds) of thousands more non-union freelance workers in the city (in total, there are more than 42 million independent contractors in the U.S.), many of whom work from laptops in lieu of traditional work spaces. And of course, anyone whose employer believes in the open floor plan knows that sometimes, you have to get away to get anything done.

But WiFi is available in more places than just cafés. And some of us need something a little stronger than espresso to get it all done before the deadline. Thus, the boffice. Bar + office = boffice.

Could there be magic to the mixture of casual drinking and work? What about the early, frat boy-like days of Facebook? I’d love to find out what parts of that equation were good and bad for the company.

Sure, a heavy weekend project or a hackathon lends itself to a little social lubrication, but could you personally see yourself integrating a pint into your daily workflow?

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