Silly Game Sells Well, World Productivity Continues To Suffer

Silly Game Sells Well, World Productivity Continues To Suffer

When Starcraft 2 came out we brought you the news with a warning: given the long wait for the game to launch, some 12 years, it was likely that at least one of your coworkers might dodge some work to get in some much anticipated gaming time.

Well, we were right, at least the numbers say so. The game sold 1 million copies on its launch day, and another 500,000 the following day. That makes it the fastest selling strategy game ever. Some 8,000 stores had midnights sales events, spread out over five continents.

That really makes you wonder how many millions of hours were logged this past weekend as tech people around the world turned off Gmail (gasp) and played the game. My tally? Probably 15 hours over two days. If you emailed me and I didn’t get back to you, now you know why.

So there you have it folks, the last non-app game news that you will hear about from us probably ever. Well, until in another 10 years when Starcraft 3 comes out. No if you will excuse me, I have to go, um, get lunch.

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