Microsoft Declares The Windows 7 Battery Bug A Feature

Microsoft Declares The Windows 7 Battery Bug A Feature

win 7 bug featureAll those pesky Windows 7 battery issues? Nothing to fret about says Microsoft, Windows 7 is operating as it should be.

The battery warnings that are cropping up among upgraders to Windows 7 are in fact correctly labeled, says Microsoft. The company has stated that the reason that the batteries are being flagged for replacement is  that they are not performing up to specification. Simple enough.

Not performing well, and you should around to perhaps “consider replacing your battery,” as the warning in Windows 7 goes. Please note that the warnings for battery replacement are new to Windows 7.

This is why people who upgrade from an earlier flavor of Windows have been consued when the errors appeared.

Sure to the point, Microsoft notes that most systems that are throwing the error seem to be older than 1.5  years, suggesting that indeed the reasons for the warning (use) might be sound.

More from the Microsoft blog post on the matter: “We have seen no reproducible reports of this notification on new hardware or newly purchased PCs. While we’ve seen the reports of new PCs receiving this notification, in all cases we have established that the battery was in a degraded state.”

There it is folks, Windows 7 is just so sharp on the ball, that even when we think it’s wrong it’s right. Odd day in tech when Microsoft was more reliable than we could have expected.

Of course, it might be fair to lodge a complain that the warnings are alarmist, but that would be a different discussion.

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