Windows 7 Crashes The 10% Party – On A Meteoric Tear

Windows 7 Crashes The 10% Party – On A Meteoric Tear

windows7Windows 7 has exploded to 10% global computing market share, growing at a faster clip than Vista did in its early months.

ArsTechnica reported in late January that OS X had some 5.11% market share, signifying that Windows 7 is now twice as large as its chief rival. Windows itself still dominates the computing scene with some 92% market share.

Windows 7 has seen a faster pace of adoption than we saw with its predecessor, the much beleaguered Windows Vista. Windows 7 hit the four percent mark in just one month. It took Vista seven months to carry out the same feat.

Users around the world have reacted positively to Windows 7, quickly understanding its new features and upgrading even through the usual Windows SKU mess. When Windows 7 launched in late October, some complained that its many flavors might negatively impact its adoption This has not been the case.

Windows 7 has shown that the Windows brand is far from cooling, merely that Vista was a complete passover release for most computer users. Unsurprisingly, Vista market share has slipped from a high of 18.83% to 17.74%. Many frustrated Vista users have punched the upgrade button to get past the awkward step child of Windows releases.

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