The UK taxi and cab app war heats up as Click A Taxi arrives to take on Hailo

The UK taxi and cab app war heats up as Click A Taxi arrives to take on Hailo

This summer appears to be one for cab app wars. While Get Taxi moves in on Uber territory in New York, Hailo in the UK is about to defend its corner against Uber and sees a new contender today with Click A Taxi.

Founded in Denmark, Click A Taxi claims to be the first taxi mobile app that works in small towns as well as major cities. This focus certainly brings a different market to the app and is a smart move as the territory becomes more competitive.

“All over the world, taxi apps concentrate only on the largest cities, but what if you need to travel to a meeting in a different city or are among the majority of people who don’t live in a capital?” Nikolaj Køster, co-founder of Click A Taxi asks. “Click A Taxi aims to be the only taxi app you’ll need, whether you’re in Edinburgh, Cork, Leamington Spa or London,” he added. “We’ve done the hard work of selecting trusted partners that have been vetted for quality, safety and pricing.”

Where Hailo can be found in the Hackney Carriages of London, Click A Taxi has chosen to partner with local taxi companies.

Along with the UK. the company now operates in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland and the Ukraine. It is aiming to cover most of Western Europe by the end of this summer and has ambitions for a global network.

Familiar journey

Taxi apps may be starting to look familiar to early adopters and city dwellers in the UK. The idea is that you are located via GPS so the nearest cabs on the books can consider the order. There are options to book now or at a specific time and the free app does not add charges or fees for booked journeys. So if you are making a booking, you pay only the cab fare.

As more applications appear on the market, it will be interesting to see how this develops. Once there is a critical mass, there will have to be other incentives to use one app over another. Whether this is UX, design, partnering choices or price points remains to be seen.

The app is available on iPhone and Android. What’s your weapon of choice when it comes to grabbing a cab with your mobile?


Click A Taxi

Get Taxi


Image Credit: King_David_UK

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