Testing of Virgin Media’s WiFi service begins on London’s Underground

Testing of Virgin Media’s WiFi service begins on London’s Underground

As we reported in March, Virgin media has sealed a deal to provide WiFi on the London Underground stations. That’s not a complete system for a whole journey yet, but it’s a good start for people who are addicted to their connection.

Testing has started on the underground and excitingly – for Londoners – it looks like it works. The BBC’s technology reporter, Rory Cellan-Jones just uploaded a photo as proof over his Twitter account.

The service appears to be providing useful speeds – that said, one user is not the same as an entire platform of commuters but it’s not bad.

Cellan-Jones added a video of his experience to YouTube. Running an iPad streaming a television show, he checked the data speed and clocked over 25Mbps. That’s only with one user and he was standing under Wifi unit, so no doubt this will vary depending on the time of day and crowds on the transport system.

We don’t know which station he was at and he mentions in the video that he’s not allowed to say. But this might not stop us all checking to see if the signal is up while waiting for the next train.

Check out the video to see what Rory Cellan-Jones makes of it.

The ‘Tube’ can be a little unpredictable for service. More generally things are good, but if you’re stuck for a while on your journey, a little WiFi should go a long way to keeping you occupied while you wait. Doubtless this innovation will ensure that Londoners can totally avoid eye contact and conversation with strangers, as is the way in the capital.

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