Ticket Tailor passes 100,000 event tickets sold, by cutting annoying booking fees

Ticket Tailor passes 100,000 event tickets sold, by cutting annoying booking fees

Ticket Tailor, the ticketing selling system for event organisers has sold more than 100,000 tickets, highlighting a need for change to the status quo elsewhere, where additional booking fees are usually added at the point of sale.

We covered the launch of the company last year and its aim to change ticket sales by using social and technological features in order to cut the requirement for booking fees is a smart one that is clearly working well.

The company’s system allows users to sell tickets direct from their own website and Facebook pages. For those who don’t have their own website, there are options to create customised ticket pages too.

Attention to detail and design makes the service very appealing for those looking for functionality without interfering with a site or brand presentation. There’s a really nice example of this from the Machynlleth Comedy Festival’s method on the Ticket Tailor blog.

Ticket Tailor changes the cost of ticketing an event by shifting fees from the booking end of the process to a more predictable monthly fee for organisers. This certainly helps with the bookkeeping and organisation at a time when events organisers have more than enough to keep an eye on.

Naturally, the company is very excited about hitting this latest milestone, Director and Founder Jonny White says,

“When we launched a year ago we targeted night-life events in the UK.  Since then we have served events across the world including theatres, conferences, village fairs, and much more.  It’s thanks to these open minded event organisers who have trusted Ticket Tailor that we have reached 100,000 tickets sold.  We have many more exciting improvements to come to reach our next milestone of 1,000,000 tickets.”

A year of growth

The healthy figures for Ticket Tailor come from the formation of a good reputation and work with many high profile events including, Soundcrash MusicFieldview festival, Coventry Cathedral, and UX People Conference. The company blog does a really nice job of looking at the ways customers sell their tickets and is a pretty good way of inspiring new clients.

The year has also seen other achievements for Ticket Tailor, including winning a Smarta 100 award and being short-listed for “Best Business or Enterprise Startup” at the Europas. It’s not stopped development though as the company has also added a barcode scanning entry system as an option to ease the whole ticketing process.

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