UK mobile operator Three abolishes ‘out-of-bundle’ data charges with new ‘Essential’ price plan

UK mobile operator Three abolishes ‘out-of-bundle’ data charges with new ‘Essential’ ...

UK mobile operator Three has announced a new “fear-free” Internet data plan which it says will spell the end for out-of-bundle data charges for all new contract customers.

From March 8, all new Three customers will still be offered an all-you-can-eat unlimited data plan, but they will also be offered a 250MB allowance which guarantees that there will be no out-of-bundle data charges.

So, this basically means that Three will simply block your data access for the month as soon as you hit the pre-determined 250MB limit. Of course, you will still be able to buy more data on demand if you fall short just before your next month’s bundle kicks in – you can buy a 250MB add-on for £2, or an all-you-can-eat add-on for £5.

“These new plans see the end of out-of-bundle data charges,” says Thomas Malleschitz, marketing director at Three says. “Three is built for the mobile Internet, it’s at the heart of everything we do and that’s reflected in these new plans. Mobile Internet usage is continuing to increase at lightning speed, customers are beginning to prioritise data and they rightfully expect their network to allow them to do so without hitting them with extra charges.”

The unlimited data plan will probably still be what you’re looking for if you’re a mobile Internet addict, but for those with a slightly lesser demand for data, a network-enforced block in Three’s ‘Essential’ data plan is certainly good news, as it will help alleviate any shocks if you’re prone to browsing one-too-many YouTube videos.

Three customers will receive text alerts if they reach their data limits, or they can switch to an unlimited plan at any point.

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