Microsoft’s real-world 3D ‘Cut the Rope’ lets fans in London ‘jump’ into the game

Microsoft’s real-world 3D ‘Cut the Rope’ lets fans in London ‘jump’ into the game

Earlier this month we reported on Microsoft’s launch of a new HTML5 version of the ‘Cut the Rope’ game for desktop, which included new levels for IE9 users.

The concept behind the game is simple: a green monster called Om Nom is hungry, and you have to feed him candy by cutting and manipulating ropes, airbags and bubble. It’s incredibly addictive, which explains why it has been downloaded over 60 million times to date across all platforms.

The game has been available on all HTML5-compatible browsers for a few weeks now, but to help celebrate its launch, a free 3D art installation has gone on display at London’s Spitalfields Market this weekend.

The real-world version of the game was designed by artists ‘Nick and Rich’ from Street Advertising Services – who hold the current world record for the largest 3D picture:

Fans can jump into the game and have their photo taken with Om Nom. All photographs will be available from Microsoft’s UK Internet Explorer Facebook page.

Spitalfields Market is near Liverpool Street Underground station, and the event kicked off today. It will run from 11:00-18:00 on Saturday (28th January) to 09:00-17:00 on Sunday (29th January).

If you’d rather just play the game, Microsoft has also arranged for some laptops so you can play the digital version too:

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