A talking dog and Nyan Cat amongst UK’s most watched YouTube videos of 2011

A talking dog and Nyan Cat amongst UK’s most watched YouTube videos of 2011

Google has released another of its most-popular lists of 2011, this time cataloguing the top 10 most watched YouTube videos of the year — whilst Rebecca Black is present, she is thankfully some distance from taking the number one spot.

The most watched YouTube video in the UK is “Ultimate Dog Tease“, a hilarious video showing a dog ‘speaking’ as its owner talks about food that he didn’t share with the animal. Watched more than 74 million times, the user-created video was able to beat the Royal Wedding spoof video from T-Mobile.

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T-Mobile’s Royal Wedding spoof, which used lookalikes to show us an alternative version of the wedding between Price William and Kate Middleton, ranked as the second most watched video but was also able to secure top spot for the most popular advert on the video-sharing service for the year.

In third was “Winning – A Song by Charlie Sheen“, which was viewed more than 37 million times, beating the popular meme Nyan Cat, a Britain’s Got Talent audition and a Masterchef Remix by Swede Mason.

Whilst Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ was the most watched video worldwide, the singer only ranked in 8th place, with 32 million views.

The complete top ten is as follows:

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