Green Hackathon comes to London, carbon data company AMEE plays host

Green Hackathon comes to London, carbon data company AMEE plays host

Back in April we pondered whether AMEE’s carbon data engine can save the world from mass extinctions.

AMEE stands for the “Avoiding Mass Extinctions Engine”, and the London-based company is mapping, tracking and connecting all the carbon-data on Earth – it’s an aggregation platform capable of coordinating the world’s entire carbon consumption data.

The company has announced that it will be hosting a Green Hackathon in London in January, which promises a weekend of hacking relating to climate change, sustainability, energy & carbon emissions.

The event will be a good place for developers and sustainability experts to mingle and produce some potentially useful and innovative hacks. Thought leaders from the sustainability and climate change industries will converge and lay out what they think the big challenges are, and AMEE will be making its data freely available.

The event will take place at University College in London, over the weekend of 28-29 January 2012. After a few talks, there will be 24-hours of coding, with prizes available for the winners. Places are free, but you have to register for tickets in advance.

“We really see this as a culmination of many of the things we’ve been working on, to open up our platform”, says Tyler Christie, Head of Partnerships and Marketing at AMEE.

In terms of what AMEE has been doing since we last spoke with the good people there, the company has produced improved documentation for developers via its new website and developer section. Then there’s the AMEEappkit which are tools to help developers build faster. The startup also recently announced AMEE Labs, which includes a handful of apps that help to demonstrate the platform.

Check out this blog post from James Smith, who is now Platform Evangelist at AMEE. At the Stockholm Green Hackathon back in October, he hacked up a little ditty for Minecraft that adds carbon emissions, for which he used AMEEconnect to include real scientific data from the IPCC in it. And you can view the video here:


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