‘Things To Do’ lets you search BBC activities in your area

‘Things To Do’ lets you search BBC activities in your area

Back in January, the BBC announced that it was reshaping its website to be centered around ten digital products, part of which included a combined knowledge and learning initiative. Well, this goal just received a big boost with the launch of a new Things to Do portal.

In a nutshell, Things to Do is a single destination for users to find activities in their area offered by the BBC and its partners. These activities will typically be connected to TV, radio and learning campaigns.

As Ziad Dajani, Editorial Lead for BBC Things To Do, says in a blog post today, Things to do “is in line with the emerging product vision, seeking to unlock the learning potential across all BBC programming.”

The BBC already runs a range of broadcast related activities like the Bang Goes The Theory Roadshow, the Free Family Proms and Stargazing Live activities.

What the Things to Do portal aims to do is create a single place for all activities, so they can be easily searched.

BBC - Things To Do- Homepage

Dajani says:

“We’ve provided a single set of tools that makes it simpler for BBC TV and radio programmes to promote their activities online or work with partners.”

And it seems that the mobile browser version will be available shortly:

“The next big milestone to watch out for though is the mobile browser version of Things To Do, allowing users to find activities around them while they are out and about, the development of which is sure to keep us all really busy over the summer!”

This is a really easy to use interface that allows you to enter your postcode and see what’s on in your area. and you can sort the results in date or alphabetical order. There are many events included in the database, so you can already search to see what’s on in your locale.

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