MTV UK introduces new paid online video service

MTV UK introduces new paid online video service

PaidContent UK is reporting that music video broadcaster MTV UK has launched a new video-on-demand (VOD) service that will stream twenty-six of its popular shows including Jersey Shore, Jackass and The City.

The service, MTV OD, will cost users £1 a day or £2 for the week. Subscriptions will be payable using SMS initially but PayPal and Debit Cards support will be added in the near future.

Many video-on-demand services opt to offer their content for free, supporting broadcasting costs and programme licenses via third-party advertising. MTV UK is hoping that the shows available via the service will be of a big enough draw to tempt a younger demographic to part with their money, even though they will almost certainly be available on television by way of Sky and Virgin Media.

Services like Sky and Virgin Media are most likely paid for by the parents, negating the need for teenagers to pay for a catch-up service. PaidContent also notes that in the U.S., full MTV episodes are offered on for free.

Charging viewers directly is a relatively new development, typically content is purchased on the behalf of the viewer by paid television services. Viewers have become accustomed to enjoying content for free or via monthly television subscriptions, making it increasingly difficult for companies like MTV UK to introduce a paid-for streaming platform.

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