Wired readers could soon have two iPad editions to read each month

Wired readers could soon have two iPad editions to read each month

Conde Nast, publisher of popular digital culture magazine Wired is planning to build on the success of its iPad app by bringing a version of its UK edition of to the App Store.

Because the US and UK editions contain almost completely different articles, it means Wired readers will have two apps’ worth of content to download each month if they’re especially keen, assuming it is sold worldwide.

Paid Content UK has revealed that the December edition of the UK magazine, published in November, will be released followed by a pause to take stock of whether it was a success. Assuming is is well, monthly updates to the app will follow, as with the US app.

As magazine publishers look to take advantage of tablet computers as a way to present their content in new ways, Wired has been held up as a prime example of how to do an iPad-based magazine well. The app, which allows users to download each month’s issue via in-app purchases (to the confusion of some readers), features interactive elements that take it beyond the simple “PDF document in an app” approach that some other publishers have taken.

Wired‘s UK edition should be a good fit for Apple’s tablet. Paid Content UK reports that Conde Nast estimates 18% of the magazine’s readers already have an iPad.

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