BT To Open Its Broadband Tunnels, Wants Competitors To Help Build Superfast Network

BT To Open Its Broadband Tunnels, Wants Competitors To Help Build Superfast Network

bt-logoBT have announced that they will give its competitors access to their broadband fibre infrastructure, reducing the need for the digging up of roads and hopefully stimulating broadband speeds across the country.

It was thought that with pressure from the Conservative party, BT would be forced to open their ducts and poles to their competitors thus reducing the companies monopoly on the nation’s network.

In a recent statement from BT Chief Executive Ian Livingstone it was highlighted that BT had been directly working with OFCOM in regards to the opening of their telephone exchanges in the past. He then went on to explain that they continued to work with the regulator in the decision to open their tunnels, therefore providing the their competitors with another form of access to Britain’s broadband network. Livingstone was also quick to deny reports that BT had succumbed to political pressure in their decision to open their tunnels.

This move means that companies will no longer have to invest in digging up the nation’s roads and more money could be spent on developing the existing infrastructure, promoting a significant increase in national broadband speed.

Questions will arise as to whether other companies will take advantage of this gesture, especially considering the fact BT have been laying new fibre-optic cables and allowing other companies access. Another potential inhibitor would be that Britain’s rural areas, which already suffer from a lack of connectivity and internet speeds, would not be financially viable enough to encourage investment in those areas.

Whether companies choose to take advantage of BT’s relaxation of control on their infrastructure, it is a giant step in helping build a better connected Britain, I guess we will just have to wait and watch what happens.

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