Murdoch news block-out continues

Murdoch news block-out continues

MurdochUK-based news aggregator NewsNow is now completely blocked from Rupert Murdoch’s indexing British online newspaper websites.

As with Times Online on Friday, the block has been put in place with a quick change to the Robots.txt file on The Sun and the News of the World’s websites.

We’ll be honest, when Times Online blocked NewsNow from indexing its stories on Friday, we made a note to check Murdoch’s other newspaper sites regularly.

Looks like we missed the change going through, but blogger Malcolm Coles didn’t. As of this morning, NewsNow is locked out of Murdoch’s UK newspaper portfolio. Interestingly, Murdoch’s Sky News website remains unblocked.

What will happen next? Will he do what he threatened recently and block out news aggregation behemoth Google News? We’ll be watching on the sidelines with interest.

[Image: Wikimedia Commons]

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