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Xtube is a Netherlands-based pornographic video hosting service which was established in 2006, and is notable for being the first site to allow users to upload and share adult videos. Xtube is not a producer of pornography, instead it provides a platform for content uploaded by users. Xtube is owned by MindGeek, having been acquired by the founder of MindGeek Fabian Thylmann prior to 2010, and is part of the Pornhub NETWORK, which is a group of interlinked Web 2.0 pornographic video sharing websites all owned by MindGeek. Xtube generates revenues partly through advertising and partly through sharing revenue with amateur performers who sell their material on the site. It provides a micro-payment platform enabling amateur producers to receive 50% of the net profit for the sale of their work. The site allows users to interact through comments, and material on the site is organized using user generated tags. Registration is optional, and some content can be accessed free of charge without requiring registration. XTube claims that it has 9 million registered users, and it has an Alexa Internet global traffic rank of 1,148, and a United States traffic rank of 784 (as of December 2014).